ACCESS Paratransit

How to Ride ACCESS

  1. Eligible Destinations

    To be eligible to ride ACCESS you must be age 65+ or older or have a disability with ADA Certification.  Eligible riders can use ACCESS for any trip purpose to any destination within the GCTD Service Area.

  2. Pickup & Dropoff

    Riders are picked up/dropped off at their home or point of origin, usually at the curb.

  3. Reservations

    Riders reserve trips one day in advance.  Same-day trips may be provided based on availability.

  4. Mobility Devices

    All vehicles are lift equipped to help passengers board.

  5. Personal Care Assistants (PCA)

    PCA’s ride at no charge with ADA certified passengers. Guests are also welcome and pay the regular $3.00 fare for one way trips.

  6. Role of the Driver

    The service is not designed to provide highly personalized service such as escorting passengers who cannot be left unattended, operating a customer’s electric mobility device or accompanying riders inside of buildings. Bus Operators do not provide personal assistance to passengers beyond the safe boarding and alighting of the vehicles.

  7. Visitors

    Please call our Reservation line at 805-485-2319 or email us for more information.