Advertising with GCTD

Bus Advertising Benefits

Advertising on Gold Coast Transit buses reaches 400,000 residents within the communities of Ojai, Ventura, Oxnard, and Port Hueneme.

Get your Message on the Move!

When you promote your business or event on Gold Coast Transit buses you are actively reaching your audience 359 days per year on a fleet of 61 buses. Each year our buses travel over 2 million miles, taking your message directly to your customers. Gold Coast Transit buses are truly moving billboards. This larger-than-life advertising is cost-effective and immediately reaches your audience, unlike other traditional media forms.

High Recall Rate & Visibility

Advertising with Gold Coast Transit District means no more waiting for your potential customer to pick up a newspaper or magazine. No waiting for your target audience to tune into a radio station and hope they don’t change the channel when your commercial airs or fast-forward through your television advertisement. These forms of traditional media have become increasingly cluttered, while transit advertising reaches a large number of people in a very exclusive, large-format way. With a high recall rate and high visibility, advertising with Gold Coast Transit District is an excellent choice when attempting to attract a vast and varied audience in today’s busy world.

Ad Types & Rates

Ads can be either inside or outside the bus. Monthly rates vary from $150 - $2,590 p/mo. dependent on the size/location of the ad and length of the advertising contract. Rates include a one-time installation and removal service of the advertising posters - except for Ultra Super Kings. Rates do not include the design, printing, and additional installation and removal of ads.

A discount of 15% is available for advertising agencies and a discount of 10% is available for active members of the Ventura, Oxnard, Port Hueneme and Ojai Chambers of Commerce.

Interior Ads

Advertising to passengers inside the buses reaches a varied audience from all walks of life - college students, nurses, the elderly, teenagers, and business professionals who care about the environment and take advantage of park-and-ride opportunities. In fiscal year 2022/2023 Gold Coast Transit District buses provided over 2.9 million passenger trips - equating to over 8,000 riders each day seeing your advertisement!

With an average passenger trip taking 20-30 minutes, you have your audience’s captured attention. The interior transit cards are highly visible, located just above the windows, offering a perfect opportunity to promote your latest event, new store or restaurant opening, and more.

Exterior Ads

Advertising on the exterior of Gold Coast Transit District buses crosses all sections of the population – young and old, male and female, and all socioeconomic backgrounds. Your oversized advertisement reaches families, professionals, students, and tourists alike. And your advertisement “moves”, increasing your reach into multiple communities and destinations like Ventura and Oxnard Colleges, Pacific View Mall, Esplanade Shopping Center and the Collection, Community Memorial and St. John’s Hospital and so much more.