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Service Changes Starting July 26th!

GCTD has many changes planned, including frequency restoration to pre-COVID levels on main routes, optimized bus stop spacing to improve trip speeds, and the launch of the New Route 23.  New schedules are now available online here.

These changes are a result of customer feedback, bus operator input, and analysis of ridership and travel patterns. We understand some of these changes may cause you some inconvenice due to additional walking, for instance, but we hope you find benefit in the overall changes made such as additional frequency and improved trip speeds. Continue reading for more details! (All of the information below is also available in Spanish here.)

NEW Route 23

The NEW Route 23 operates from Oxnard College to Port Hueneme, up Ventura Road to Vineyard and the Esplanade, and then back. Major destinations include Oxnard College, Hueneme Bay Shopping Center, Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC), Fremont Square Shopping Center, Vineyard Plaza and the Esplanade. Route 23 and Route 17 are interlined at the Esplanade providing a one seat ride to and from Riverpark, El Rio, and the Rose Shopping Center.

How often does it run?
Both the New Route 23 and the Route 17 will run every 30 minutes on weekday and every 45 minutes on weekends.

What is the purpose and benefit? 
The NEW Route 23 provides frequent and direct service along a previously unserved major street corridor. This new route improves access to employment opportunties, educational opportunities, and medical facilities for all communities along the route.

What is Route Restructure?
Route restructure moves routes onto main streets to make trips faster and shorter.

What is the purpose and benefit?
- Routes are more direct, consistent, and simple.
- Makes trips more fast, reliable, and predictable.
- Distribute service equitably and improves travel experience.
- Faster, frequent service compliments other Gold Coast Transit routes and the broader transit network.

Which routes are being restructured?
Routes 3, 4A, 4B, and 8 will be restructured. These changes are in response to the analysis and public input received.

Route 3

Route 4

Route 8

What is bus stop consolidation?

Bus stop consolidation makes trips faster for passengers by reducing the amount of stops on a route and balances spacing.

What is the purpose and benefit?
- Speeds up trips to get to destinations faster
- Low ridership stops combined with other stops results in more frequency, faster trips and less waiting.
- New Route 1 frequency is now every 20 minutes and more reliable as a result of bus stop consolidation.

Illustration of balanced bus stop spacing:

Where is bus stop consolidation occurring?

Route 1A/1B
Bus stops to be consolidated:
C & Wooley
(Both Directions)
C & Fir
C & Kamala
Saviers & 31 Flavors
Saviers & Borrego
Bard & J St
(Both Directions)
Bard & 6th St
(Both Directions)
Pleasant Valley & 3rd St
Hueneme & Market 
(Both Directions)
Surfside & Industrial
(Both Directions)
Hueneme & Ann
Saviers & Fashion Park

Other Changes

Important Note

Due to the COVID-19 public health crisis, the schedules are not guaranteed and are subject to change.

Questions or Comments?

As always, we value your feedback and we are consistently evaluating our services to maximize efficiency and productivity. Call Customer Service at 805-487-4222 or email Planning Staff at

Watch this video to better understand bus stop balancing!