Proposed Fare Structure Adjustment

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Proposed GCTD Fare Adjustment

GCTD is considering a fare increase for its fixed route bus service, flexible services, and GO ACCESS. To understand how the proposed changes will impact the community we serve, GCTD wants to hear from you. Your input is valuable to us.

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Why a Fare Structure Adjustment?

GCTD provides reliable and efficient bus services that meet the needs of our community. We understand that our buses are an essential lifeline for many, connecting neighborhoods, reducing traffic congestion, and contributing to a more sustainable future. While our services are primarily government-funded, fares make up roughly 15% of our annual operating budget and are vital to ensuring GCTD can continue delivering a high-quality service.

Here are the key reasons behind a fare structure adjustment:

  • Operational Costs: GCTD has worked to keep fares low, avoiding the need to raise fares since 2011. The cost of fuel, labor, and maintenance have all increased over the last decade. The proposed fare adjustment will help offset these operational expenses and ensure the continued sustainable operations of our services. 
  • Service Quality: Connecting people to opportunity by providing high-quality service is one of our top priorities. How and when fares are paid impacts the quality of service. Paying cash takes time and slows down trips for everyone. The proposed fare adjustment offers discounts for pre-paid fares to keep your bus moving.
  • Financial Stability: Ensuring the financial stability of GCTD is crucial for the long-term viability of public transportation within our district. The fare adjustment is a crucial step to maintaining the fiscal health of GCTD, allowing us to deliver the services you depend on every day.

Ways GCTD is working to keep transit affordable:

  • Free Fare Programs:  Since 2018, GCTD has participated in the Ventura County Transportation Commission's College Ride Program offering fare-free trips for area college students. A similar program was instituted for youth riders in 2022. GCTD is reimbursed the full fare by the Ventura County Transportation Commission for each trip taken. These programs have been vital to maintaining service levels in GCTD’s post-COVID-19 recovery.
  • Discounted Fare Programs: Individuals with disabilities, seniors and veterans are all eligible for 50% reduced fare. Discounts are also available for pre-paid passes including Day passes, 15 - Ride passes, and 31 – Day passes.
  • Alternative Funding Sources: GCTD prioritizes the pursuit of new funding sources. GCTD continues to apply to grant programs that will allow GCTD to operate and improve service, maintain and replace vehicles, and enhance transit facilities throughout the district.
  • Fare Capping: Pay-As-You-Go (fare capping) allows riders to ride for free after they have paid the equivalent of a daily or monthly pass when using the Token Transit Mobile App. Meaning, if a rider cannot pay the upfront cost of a qualifying pass (i.e. $50.00), they will still receive the benefit of the discount from a prepaid pass once the cap is met. Each time a pass is activated, the Token Transit system scans the passenger’s history to see if the capping applies. If capping applies, the rider will receive the upgraded pass for the remaining amount of time sent directly to their app. You can find additional information on GCTD's fare capping here.

Fare Alternatives

We remain committed to offering affordable transportation options for all community members, which is why GCTD is considering two different fare adjustment scenarios which can be review down below.

Please note, all free fare categories will not be impacted by fare adjustment.

What to Expect:

GCTD has carefully considered the impact on our riders and has worked to strike an important balance – offering low-cost transportation while preserving high-quality services. We remain committed to offering affordable transportation options for all members of our community, which is why we propose two different fare adjustment scenarios.

One notable difference between Alternative 1 and Alternative 2 is that Alternative 2 incentivizes the use of pre-paid fare systems by increasing the fixed route base cash fare to $2.25.

Benefits of Pre-paid Fares:

Prepaid fare options include magnetic stripe paper tickets and digital passes on the Token Transit Pass app as seen in Figure 2.

Proposed Fare Structure Adjustment Plan


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