7/12/23 Update on Negotiations

July 12, 2023

We would like to take a moment to address the ongoing negotiations with our Supervisors' bargaining unit represented by Teamsters Local 186. It is important to us that we share information about the progress being made and the steps we are taking to ensure a fair and sustainable agreement.

First and foremost, we want to emphasize our commitment to maintaining high-quality public transportation services for our community. Our dedicated team of employees is at the heart of delivering these services, and we highly value their contribution. We believe in fostering a positive and collaborative working environment that prioritizes the well-being of our employees while also meeting the needs of our passengers.

As of this week, GCTD and Teamsters have mutually agreed to meet with a neutral, state-appointed mediator to help facilitate productive discussions and find a resolution that meets the needs of both parties.

Going into negotiations, our goal and purpose has always been to bargain in good faith to reach a mutually agreeable contract. It is important to note that good-faith bargaining requires thorough considerations of various factors, including financial constraints, sustainability, internal equity and operational requirements. We have engaged in numerous bargaining sessions, exchanged proposals, and explored various avenues for compromise. 

While we all strive for a swift resolution, it is crucial to ensure that any agreement reached is both fair to all employees, beneficial to our passengers, and responsible to the overall financial health of our agency.

We remain committed to transparency throughout this negotiation process. We will continue to provide updates as negotiations progress, so you can stay informed about any developments or changes that may impact our services. 

You can reach updates on our website page here:

Labor Relations Page with Summary of Updates