GCTD Passenger Survey

GCTD's latest passenger survey is now live.  Please take a moment to complete it.  Your feedback is important to us.

Do you have 5 minutes? That's all we need to help us gather some important information.  

As we begin to resume moving about our community more, we are asking for your input with a short survey. The objectives are to bettter understand rider concerns as you begin to return to some normal activities amid the challenges brought on by COVID-19.  We want to know what GCTD can do to help you ride more confidently, make you feel safe while on board, and what expectations you have of us upon returning to more regular service. Secondly, GCTD is outlining the changes in service scheduled for July 26th, including the launch of the NEW Route 23, and asking for other feedback in the absence of in-person community outreach. Your voice is important and will help inform our decisions as we begin to move forward these next few months.

English Survey available here.

Spanish Survey available here.